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What's new on the site

We have been busy with the website.

In the last few days we have added a lot of new things to the site:

The most important thing we added is my Mother's A"H book, From 610 to 613

Audio Shiurim in English:

Personalities in Tanach

The Shomronim

Chizkiyahu Hamelech - Why didn't he say Shira?

Shavuot - No letting up

Yom Yerushalayim - Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim

The Kaddish of a Siyum and a levaya

The Jewish Family Series

Tzniut - It's not what you think it is

We started a new page called My Story. The first item that I added there is The History of the Young Israel of Woodmere - The Formative Years.

We also added some things in Hebrew:

שיעור בגמ' פסחים - תשביתו - על הגברא או על החפצא

הקדיש של סיום מסכת ולוויה

יום העצמאות ויום ירושלים

All the best


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