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What we need to learn from our time with Corona

What we need to learn from our time with Corona:

· The smallest things in life can have the biggest impact. (Viruses are microscopic).

· Big weddings are a waste of money and are unnecessary.

· Many people can actually work from home and save the waste of a commute.

· We shouldn’t take anything for granted. When we don’t have it, we really learn to appreciate it. (How much we miss just being able to go to shul).

· How invaluable is a hug from a grandchild?

· We really weren’t spending enough quality time with our immediate family before this.

· Most Doctors visits can be done by phone or video.

· When we buy from the supermarket online we buy a lot less junk food.

· Teachers need to learn how to do distance learning better.

· It is really important to sit down and learn with your kids.

· We can manage fine without eating out so much.

· Our nurses and doctors are heroes and most are true tzadikim.

· We can dramatically change global warming in a relatively short time. The ozone hole at the poles has effectively closed in the last few weeks!

· It is good to recheck our priorities from time to time.

· We need to think more about G-d.

· We need to take care of our bodies. ונשמרתם מאד לנפשותיכם is really a big mitzva.

· A small chesed for/from our neighbors goes a long way.

· טוב שכן קרוב מאח רחוק

· Rabbanim shouldn’t shukel when giving a shiur on zoom.

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